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Yoganastix offers fast, affordable custom apparel manufacturing services, all made in the USA. From printing to embroidery to finishing services. Create your brand, whether you are a start-up clothing line or need full scale production of high quality apparel. We can handle your needs.

Lets start with learning more about our processes and each of our custom apparel manufacturing services, then Request a Quote or Contact Brett Matheson to start creating your project.

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Cut and sew dye sublimation is a state of the art garment printing process that allows, "all over printing" of garments. Using high resolution digital files that are printed using non toxic water based ink and permanently heat set into rolls of blank eco-poly fabric, made from recycled water bottles. Once the color of the fabric is set it won't fade, crack or peel.

The printed fabric is rolled out onto a conveyor where an auto-contour camera uses intelligent software to identify and cut each piece with a laser.

 Each piece is assembled by our team in the USA.

Each garment undergoes quality control and is cleaned of threads, checked, counted and shipped.


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