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The Slingshot Mask Protector + FREE filter

From $10.00




The Original Mask Protector + FREE filter
(1 free filter with each mask Purchase)
1 pack=1 filter
4 pack=4 filter
20 pack=20 filter

Our versatile masks covers are made of 2 layers of soft eco-friendly fabrics. Our Patent Pending Design features an opening allowing most common anti-viral filters to be easily inserted, removed and reused. 


1. Our face mask can be worn as-is or with a filtration mask inside.

2. Mask covers can be used with PPE, protect your filtration devise and face from being soiled by droplets, aerosols, and bacteria.

3. Washable/ Reusable.

4. Factory Sterilized, UV inspected.

5. Low breathing resistance with high filtration efficiency.

6. With multi-layered non-poisonous, non-allergic, non-stimulating materials. 

7. "Words softest mask" comfortable, easy, stretchy. 

Quick Details

Type: Mask or Mask Protector

Material: 95% Eco-Modal, 5% lycra

Sizes: One size fits most, XL

Usage: Mask, Filtration Protection, PPE, Social Distancing

Color: White & Black

Origin: Made in the USA

Patent: US Patent Pending


Sustainability matters

Modal fabric made from natural fibers of the fast growing beech tree. These carbon neutral fiber fabrics are green and good for the environment. Modal clothes are incredibly soft, breathable, comfortable and easy to care for. Beech trees self propagate, without irrigation or planting, requiring only 10% the water of cotton.