Our mission :

We strive to create unique, inspiring, eco-innovative fashion that encourages you to wear clothing that reflects an outer-expression of your inner-state. We believe that aligning with your values and being conscious of how you show up in the world is empowering. Therefore, we make our line with sustainable, eco-friendly, and recycled fabrics, with integrity and love in the USA.

The inception of YOGANASTIX in 2009 was sparked by the coalescence of two innovative entrepreneurs -- their backgrounds, passions and visions.  Brett Matheson and his wife, Rachael joined their goals and talents together.

Brett began designing fashion in 1990, when he opened his first cut and sew swimwear factory.  Creating art has always been a driving force for Brett. Working in a wide variety of media: watercolor, oils, sculpture, and interior design. His education and talent for graphic design and visual art bring an extraordinary uniqueness to the brand.

Rachael grew up as a competitive gymnast. As an adult, she began a career coaching the sport. She started her own mobile school, “Gymnastics: on the Move” and dedicated the next nineteen years to teaching young children.  Then she fell in love with yoga.  She decided to blend her new passion for yoga with her experience in gymnastics, and she continued to teach both for five more years, naming the new entity, Yoganastix.  It was a small leap for the future apparel company Rachael and her husband would co-create to be called by the same name.

The couple have injected their personal core values into how they built their business. Their fundamental drive was to nurture solid relationships and create a space to surround themselves with like-minded, amazing people.   They have a true sense of belief, enthusiasm and pride in their company.  It is conveyed in their clothing line and in everything they do.

Yoganastix is a one-stop service provider in the fashion design and manufacturing industry. In addition to our brand Yoganastix, we manufacture for other brands who are committed to making their sustainable apparel in the USA. We offer in house full services starting from the design process, screen printing, samples all the way through to high volume production. Our design, sales, distribution & manufacturing is all done in house. 
We personally design, and manufacture all of our clothing in-house. We are dedicated to provide you with inspiring clothing and service. We take great pride in creating our line and our commitment to servicing your needs. 
Owners and Designers: 
Brett & Rachael Matheson