About Us

Yoganastix co-founders Brett and Rachael Matheson reside in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Yoganastix is a one-stop service provider in the fashion design and manufacturing industry, supporting independent and emerging designers to successfully launch their collection quickly and efficiently. We offer full services starting from the design process, screen printing, embroidery, custom tie dye, samples all the way through to production. Our design, sales, distribution, manufacturing is all based in Arizona, USA. 
We personally design, manufacture an all of our clothing in house. Our mission is to provide you with inspiring clothing and service. We take great pride in creating our line and our commitment to servicing your needs. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse and purchase from our product catalog.

Brett Matheson - Fashion Designer / Artist

Art has always been a driving passion in Brett Matheson'’s life. The artist unveils his latest clothing/ wearable-art project. His medium is paint and his canvass is worn by thousands of Yogini's across the globe. 

Brett also appears in several motion pictures relating to art and the creative process, you can view the following movie trailers featuring Brett online:

June 2009 Documentary  "Unleashing Creativity" 

Featuring Steve Nash, Carlos Santana and Brett Matheson.


2006 film release.  "Passion"


1999 Film  "How to Become Famous"




Sustainable Manufacturing 

Meet Brett Matheson the co-founder of Arizona’s largest sustainable apparel manufacturing company.

Brett’s interest in sustainability sparked in the 90’s, while developing the implementation of hydrogen fuel cells in cars. He was able to collaborate with some of the leading forces in the alternative fuel industry, inspiring him to closely examine current environmental issues and change his lifestyle.

With 28 years of apparel manufacturing experience under his belt and a firsthand encounter with oceanic pollution, Brett has noticed a permanent change that needs to be implemented in the fashion industry. His current focus is aimed at using advanced textile printing, cutting and sewing technologies in apparel manufacturing, incorporating sustainable fabrics composed of recycled water bottles.

Moving forward, Brett is working to build an environmentally responsible marketplace: milling locally sourced water bottles from Phoenix, grinding them into pellets, extruding them into thread, and knitting fabric for customized apparel, all in house. Eventually he hopes to prove the economic model and implement this technology-infused manufacturing paradigm nationwide.

Brett’s incredible talent as a graphic designer and his earth-forward mindset challenge the fashion industry to reconfigure its production methods by showing the world that artful, quality garments can be manufactured without harming the environment.