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Aurora Borealis Goddess Pant

Aurora Borealis Goddess Pant

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When I designed the Aurora Borealis design,  I  envisioned standing on a frozen lake, enveloped by a serene and peaceful atmosphere. The only sound I could hear was the gentle rustling of the pine trees as they swayed in the wind. The landscape was blanketed with a layer of pristine white snow that seemed to stretch endlessly into the distance. Above me, the forest was shrouded in darkness, with the starry night sky glittering like a gem. And then, like a miracle, a shimmering green light appeared, slowly manifesting into dancing beams of colorful lights, bringing to life the breathtaking beauty of the Aurora Borealis. I designed these pants to capture that same sense of wonder and exuberance, so that you too can shimmer and dance with colorful energy and light. - Brett Matheson, Designer/Co-Owner


 Our flowey Aurora Borealis Goddess pants are flirty, flattering, and comfortable  They are stylish and versatile as they can be tied at the ankle for a more "jogger Pant" look.  This unique, versatile style is ideal for dress, play or for comfy loungewear..


Runs true to size

For size reference, our model is 5"5" and is wearing the Small Goddess pant 


  •  Ultra soft, stretchy, breathable, flowey, UPF 50+. fabric
  •  Lightweight eco-poly made of 79% R.P.E.T. from recycled water bottles and  8%   Lycra
  • Printed with non-toxic, water-based ink for a vibrant, durable and long-lasting design.
  • Wear with slit sides or convert to jogger-like style by tying the ankles
  • Made with quality, integrity and ❤️ in the USA.