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Chakra Seed of Life Eco-Leggings



Our Sacred geometry chakra print is inspired by seven colorful spinning vortexes of energy. Chakras are a part of you that you can't see or touch, it's where your energy flows, which is why chakras are referred to as the energy body. According to yoga tradition, a well-tuned asana practice can free up energy and stimulate an imbalanced chakra, paving the way for that wonderful internal shift for which yoga is known. With your chakra pants as a beautiful visual reminder, you can tap into the chakras as a potent way of harnessing and shifting your energy in the direction you want it to go.


  •  Made in the USA 79% R.P.E.T., from  recycled water bottles and 21% Spandex. 
  •  8-way stretch, moisture wicking, chafe resistant, breathable, compression fit, UPF 50+
  •  Water-based non-toxic ink that won’t fade crack or peel. Hand washing recommended. 
  •  Double layered diamond gusset for reinforcement and comfort. 
  •  Extra length inseam.. 

    YOGANASTIX innovative sublimated yoga leggings are created with passion and artistry. They are incredibly soft, stretchy and comfortable with a brushed texture and amazing 8 way stretch. 
    Environmentally responsible fabric utilizing 79% Post-consumer recycled polyester / 21% Spandex.  It takes approximately 16 recycled plastic water bottles to make one pair of leggings. 
    Water-based, non-toxic ink that won’t fade, crack or peel, hand washing is recommended. The fabric is moisture wicking, chafe resistant and breathable with a compression fit and has a double layered diamond gusset for reinforcement and comfort.  The extra length inseam wraps over the heals or a scrunch at the ankles.
    Yoganastix provides the world with eco-friendly fashion Ethically Made With Love In The USA!