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Sedona Geode Bell Bottom

Sedona Geode Bell Bottom

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Sedona Geode Bell Bottom Pants


Sedona Geode Art— a name whispered by the wind, etched into the very fabric. Close your eyes and envision it: the sun-kissed leaves of ancient oak trees, their veins like rivulets of gold. The bubbling blue stream, a serpentine artist, carving through rust-hued canyons. And above, a symphony of birdsong—a chorus that echoes across time.

As you slip into these bell bottoms, you become part of this narrative. Your skin, kissed by a gentle breeze, absorbs the essence of Sedona. Here, nature flourishes, and beauty is not a fleeting moment but an eternal experience  

Features That Resonate:

  1. Flattering Cut for All Bodies:

    • The high waist and flared design create a visually elongated silhouette, flattering all body types.
    • Petite or tall, curvy or athletic—these bell bottoms adapt beautifully to your unique form.
  2. Customizable Length:

    • The generous inseam (32 inches) gracefully kisses the floor, even for taller yogis.
    • Tailor them to your desired length with a simple snip—edges roll up, concealing the artistry of your custom fit.
  3. Softness and Durability:

    • Soft fabric cradles your skin, while durable stitches hold stories of resilience.
    • These bell bottoms aren’t just pants; they’re an ode to comfort and lasting quality.

The Fabric:

  • Ultra Soft: Like the first touch of morning dew on petals.

  • Breathable: Air weaves through the fibers, a whispered secret.

  • Quick-Drying: Raindrops slide away, leaving no trace.

  • Odor Resistant: Even after hours of movement, freshness lingers.

  • Four-Way Stretch: Freedom—an invitation to dance, stretch, and explore.

  • UPF 50+: Shielded from the sun’s gaze.

  • 20 Plastic Bottles Reimagined: These pants are more than fabric; they are a testament to transformation. From discarded plastic to wearable artistry.


These pants transcend mere utility. They are wearable artistry—an ode to mindful living. Our ethical initiatives ripple outward, touching the earth lightly. From dawn to dusk, we choose sustainability. It is our collective symphony—a melody that alters destinies.

Yoganastix: Where threads weave dreams, and every stitch is mindful for our planet. 🌿