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All Seeing Eye High Neck Eco-Tank



  • Made from Modal, a sustainable, eco friendly fabric: 90% Modal, 5% Lycra 
  • We hand make each piece in Arizona 
  • Baby overlock hem compliments any figure 
  • Soft, breathable fabric that is comfortable and easy to care for
  • Carbon neutral fiber fabrics are green and good for the environment
The third eye refers to the gate of inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness.
Our trendy high neck tank is super flattering  on the shoulders, and the rounded bottom hem is loose, looks great with any figure. It is luxuriously soft, stretchy and comfortable as it is made of Modal fabric.

YOGANASTIX innovative clothing is created with passion and artistry. Modal fabric made from natural fibers of the fast growing beech tree. These carbon neutral fiber fabrics are green and good for the environment.
Modal clothes are incredibly soft, breathable, comfortable and easy to care for. Beech trees self propagate, without irrigation or planting, requiring only 10% the water of cotton. 
Yoganastix provides the world with eco-friendly fashion Ethically Made With Love In The USA!